Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the most common stormwater compliance violations you see?

The three most common stormwater permit violations we see are:

  1. Failure to maintain or be able to produce the required records (inspections, visual analysis, etc.)
  2. Failure to conduct Benchmark monitoring.
  3. Failure to conduct the required annual training for the appropriate personnel.

Do I need to purchase special software or hardware to use Simpli Stormwater?

No, Simpli Stormwater is a cloud based subscription service, as long as your payments are current and you can access a computer, you can complete and maintain all records in our Document Management System.  However, Simpli Stormwater was designed to interface with an iPad, so that all inspections can be completed in the field on the iPad and upload directly to the cloud, eliminating    the need to remember details, transfer photos, etc.

I have difficulty collecting storm water samples due to the size of my facility and operations, do you have any suggestions?

Nalgene manufactures sell through distributors a storm water sampler, it has been referred to as the “poor man’s ISCO”.  The patented design collects a one-liter grab sample within the first 30 minutes of the discharge and seals it to prevent subsequent commingling and dilution of the sample.  The sampler is disposable (read cost-efficient) and works in almost any application from dry ditches, and wet ponds to storm drains.

I manage stormwater compliance for multiple sites, can I link them for ease of management?

Absolutely, Simpli Stormwater will link accounts via the dashboard so you can readily see the status of all of your facilities, and if desired, drill down to evaluate specific issues of concern at a particular location.

I already have a SWPPP, do I have to pay for another one to use Simpli Stormwater?

No, you do not need to develop a new SWPPP for Simpli Stormwater.   Most SWPPPs are provided with forms for inspections and visual analyses, but their use is not required.  Any regulatory compliant forms can be used to fulfill the required actions.  Furthermore, your SWPPP can be scanned or electronically uploaded to the Simpli Stormwater platform so that the document is available any time anywhere to anyone along with all of the required records.

Does Simpli Stormwater generate the required reports for the TCEQ and/or EPA?

Yes it does.  The required regulatory forms, Benchmark Monitoring Reports and Discharge Monitoring Reports are pre-populated in the Simpli Stormwater software.  As laboratory data is obtained and loaded into Simpli Stormwater, the data auto populates the required reports, so that once all data has been input a report can be signed, printed and submitted to the agency or retained onsite as required.  That signed report will also be retained in the Document Management System for future reference if required.

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