How it Works

How it Works

Simpli Stormwater provides a turnkey solution to managing your stormwater compliance requirements under the TXR05000 Multi Sector General Permit.

Simpli Stormwater is an Environmental Management System (EMS) developed specifically for the TXR050000 permit. Most EMS software is extremely complex, requires the user to develop tasks, requirements and calendars that are in turn responsive to the developed calendar requirements.

Instead, Simpli Stormwater is very user friendly, it has an artificial intelligence component that drives the user through the compliance process and it manages all your records utilizing automated workflows. Simpli Stormwater provides an all inclusive compliance package that an on-site operator can use to easily execute stormwater compliance on their own.

Simpli Stormwater is specifically tailored to the State’s version of these requirements. Below is a quick summary of how the program comes together


Application and Licensing Request

If you are ready to integrate Simpli Stormwater into your storm water compliance program simply apply on line. Once submitted our staff will review your request, verify your pricing structure is correct, apply any discounts available, confirm billing, and activate your license(s).

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Account Setup

Once activated your site(s) will be built into the system, login information provided and you can begin to populate each site account. This step captures the site-specific information identified in you SWPPP, allowing the system to develop your requirements based on applicable site-specific details. Account setup is facilitated by our easy to follow process, which solicits the required information based on questions and prompts. You will need your SWPPP and any historic documentation you would like to upload in order to complete this step. Our Simpli Stormwater technical support team is available to assist in this process if needed. If it’s an enterprise wide solution or you just don’t want to have to do this step we can also do it for you.



Once the account set up is complete, your facility is ready to go. Workflows will all be defined, task reminders will be generated, inspectors will be notified of what to do and when, reports will be pushed to authorized signatories for electronic signatures, corrective actions will be tracked to completion and much more. Our system will go to work for you ensuring you are executing all permit requirements on time, the first time, every time.



We stand behind our product and are ready to serve you. If you have issues, questions or problems, we are here to assist. Our technical support team will respond to all requests for assistance by the next business day.

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